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London 2012 Olympic champion, Nicola Spirig, sponsored by BH

    R350 Vario Rowing machine

Made by BH Europe

BH R350 Vario Rowing machine Rowing Machine

  Product Description
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Tone your muscle
Rowing machines have become the weapon and favorite fitness session among the hard bodies of Hollywood – Jason Stathem, Zac Efron, and Josh Hutcherson.
Help with cardio exercises and effective full-body workout
During a rowing machine exercise, your whole body is moving constantly and making the heart to pump blood faster to meet the body's increased demands of oxygen.
Exercising on rowing machine gives a total body work out in a short duration of time and is efficient in burning more calories in comparison to other fitness equipments.
Avoid injuries while exercising
For people with joint problems or elders, they don't have to worry about any injury being caused to their knee or ankle joints.
A sport for all
Rowing machines works for all the people who want to exercise. Kids, elders, athletes, and people who've never been athletic before will achieve their goals on a rowing machine.
How to stroke right
Drive Slide Finish

Knees are bent with the shins in a vertical position and keep the back and arms straight.

The legs push down and the body begins to lever back.

Lean back slightly, legs flat, handle drawn to the body.
Lower-body training Core muscle training Upper body training
Recommended area
Rowing machines provide the best total-body workout of any cardio machine.
- U.S. Olympic rowing coach Mike Teti.
Rowing is an excellent exercise to attain maximum physical fitness
- United States Sports Academy coach
Rowing is an efficient and effective low-impact exercise that utilizes the arms, abdomen, back and legs to provide a total-body workout.
- American College of Sports Medicine

For the correct simulation of the rowing dynamics, the speed/force relation of the handle during the stroke should be very smooth, just like on rowing on water. R350 Vario rowing machine is equipped with magnetic brake system, which controls resistance by means of electromagnets that engage a mechanical brake with the flywheel, that is adjustable and energy can be accurately measured.

Not just rowing – your fitness trainer
Besides rowing, the frame design allows users the possibility to make anaerobic training. R350 can be easily converted to strength train mode by moving the seat all the way back on the seat rail or attaching the handle to the seat.

Aluminum track
The track of R350 is made of aluminum and the seat is equipped with concealed transport wheels for protection. The high quality aluminum power-coated frame with deep lacquer finish could eliminate the friction to provide the quiet and smooth movement.
profile design
Vario rowing machine is designed with low profile, about 35 cm, to keep each rowing move steady and smooth.
and simple folding
With the knob under the rail and the transportation wheel on the front foot, users can easily fold up the rail and move it into position.
Large ergonomic
The comfort seat is soft and contours to your shape, and it is padded and runs on precision bearings, which makes the rowing experience smooth.
Solid frame
The aluminum rowing rail is enhanced by the special brace under the rail. It can strengthen the maximum user capacity effectively.
Large & adjustable trap
The adjustable trap is easy to use and covers the ball of users' foot, and it accommodate a wide range of shoe sizes.
Low noise belt drive
Specially designed for rowing machine, the nylon strap is durable and will last a long time when you're rowing or strength training.
5 pre-set program
The pre-set programs are displayed by graphics, and the big display allows you read the workout data easily.
Wireless heart rate control
With a heart rate monitor(optional), users can proceed high intensity workout with a comfortable heart rate control.
Captive heel footrests
The footrests are made oversized and with captive heel design. They also pivot to allow the user's feet to move naturally throughout the rowing stroke.
Enclosed chain housing
The fully-covered design could avoid the magnetic-resistance system from dust or sweat.
Size:194 x 48 x 78 cm (unfolded)
83 x 48 x 141 cm (vertical folded)
Weight:38 kg
Resistance control:8 levels of electrical resistance control
Data display:4.3" dual color LCD monitor
Program:5 pre-set, 1 manual, 1 HRC
*Wireless heart rate supported, chest belt optional
BH Comapny Profile
The headquarters of BH group is located in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain, and nowadays, BH group is the largest one and the only one which could offer full range of home use and commercial use fitness equipment in Europe.
*Specifications are subject to modification without prior notice due to continuous product development.